Making Chemex Coffee

How simple or complex is Chemex coffee brewing?

If you’re like me, then the coffee industry can be a confusing place. There are so many brewing methods and varieties of beans to choose from it can make your head spin. But you’re lucky I am here to point you towards a process that seams to be gaining ground fast (again).

Chemex life style.

What is Chemex brewing?

We all know the benefits of drinking coffee, but what about making it? When you’re brewing your own coffee at home, be sure to invest in a Chemex. The Chemex has been around since the 1940s, and was invented by Peter Schlumbohm. It is one of the simplest ways to make great tasting coffee without having to use an electric machine or expensive espresso maker

Now the brew.

With the Chemex you need to grind your own beans and use filtered water. You can use any type of roast you want for this method- it’s not limited to dark roasts like French or Italian roasts. A typical recipe for making a cup of coffee with the Chemex is: 1 tablespoon ground coffee beans per 8 ounces water, boiled and then poured over grounds in filter holder.

What’s so special about this brewing method? Well for starters, it doesn’t need electricity which means you can brew anywhere (even on camping trips!). You also don’t have to work with complicated espresso machines- just add coarsely ground beans and hot water that’s it! It is a brewing device that makes coffee by filtering the water over ground coffee beans. It uses paper filters (not metal) to brew coffee at home or in your office. It’s made of glass and looks like an hourglass.

Coffee brands I started with.

Now growing up my mom drank Folgers and I mean a lot of Folgers but me I can not stand the stuff. Now since I became coffee drinker years ago I have just walked around blind to the idea of coffee. I mean if someone gave me one I drank it. I just never got into this whole idea of I need a cup from this place and it has to have all this in it and you need to make it this way. Nope not me. But now I am more alert I watch everyone around me even my kids on how or why they want their coffee that way and it intrigues me. So now as I write this blog my go to brand, flavor, decor, and just all around type is DeathWish Coffee. It is just fantastic for me. So now coffee is life, enjoy it while you still have time. Drink up every sip of your favorite brew because one day it will be gone forever…or until tomorrow morning when you make another pot. Either way drink up!



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